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Originally Posted by vxf View Post
You wait for it?
Damn, I didn't even consider that.
I am stuck at work. Apparently, my PW is sitting on my porch. Thanks, UPS.
I know some people don't like how Smartpost is handled, but I haven't had a problem with them before. I prefer my local USPS mail carrier to the idiot who currently delivers my UPS packages, that's for sure, and the FedEx driver is even worse. They constantly leave my packages at the unprotected south door of my house, where they're vulnerable to the elements, instead of the north door which has a roof overhead. I have asked them multiple times to leave the package at the north door when I'm not home to get it. Do they listen? Noooo. At least the UPS driver gives me a minute to answer the door. FedEx knocks once, waits two seconds, then dumps the package--unless it has to be signed for. And we won't EVEN get into the disaster that was FedEx's mislabeling of one particular package which took me the better part of the day to track down when they delivered it to my neighbors by mistake.

The USPS guy? He always delivers to the north door.
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