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Thumbs down "Wonderful" Kobo Customer Service

EDIT: This was finally resolved - check the end of the thread ...

Anybody's reading 'Cloud Atlas' by D.Mitchell? Cool book, but what is NOT cool about the version sold by Kobo is that there are literally hundreds of missing periods, word spaces, and commas ... several per page, along with many false line breaks ...

But what is the worst is how Kobo customer support treats its customers:

When I raised the issue with them they basically told me to F*** OFF, because it is not their fault - it is publishers fault ... they only sell it ...

I reminded them that I bought the book from them (not from the publisher) and also, if they still remember, they are in business of selling books ... you know ... BOOKS ... those 'things' that are destined to be read ... so all the flaws in the text are kind of a big deal and are hindering the basic purpose of the book: to be read!
Kobo: No avail ... we don't care .. hands off ... not our fault ...

Lovely! Anybody has a same experience? Maybe with a different book?

Conclusion - Do NOT buy Cloud Atlas ... at least not from Kobo, since the version they are 'just' selling is CRAP ....
And good luck with Kobo support - they certainly seem not to care abot the fact that eReading market is quite competitive these days and customers have many choices ...

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