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ould has a complete set of Star Wars action figures.ould has a complete set of Star Wars action figures.ould has a complete set of Star Wars action figures.ould has a complete set of Star Wars action figures.
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Nook Color, Sony PRS-500, Feeler - Motorola Xoom

Hi everyone,

I am looking to sell my Nook Color, this is the original 8gb model. It comes with a genuine B&N cover and genuine B&N screen protector(also an unused spare). It currently has a Decal Girl decal on it which covers the bezel and back of unit. This can easily be removed. I have the original packaging and charger/usb cable. The device is currently rooted running an Android ICS Cyanogen build. I can put it back to stock or install whichever version you wish prior to shipment. Any questions please PM me. I am looking for $100 obo+shipping. I am located in Canada and am willing to ship to US as well.

Nook is up on ebay [URL] 84.m1555.l2649#ht_500wt_1203[URL]

Those are not scratches on the screen, it is my reflection. Sorry for the crappy pics, was using my cell phone. I can take better ones if needed.

Also I have an old Sony PRS-500. Just looking to get rid of it as it is collecting dust. It's in decent shape and works well. Did not have the firmware updated so no epub support. $30 obo+shipping. Pics can be provided. Has original sony cover.

Feeler - Motorola Xoom, wifi, 32gb. Otterbox case(~$60), second case(can't remember brand but it is a nice leather book style case with magnetic clasp, was about $60 new), dock, screen protector(+unused spare), Motorola gel case. Probably forgetting something. Currently rooted and running an EOS Jellybean build. Works and looks perfect. $225+shipping. Pics can be provided, kind of just feeling it out.

Thanks for looking, will leave these up for a few days then off to Ebay.


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