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Two questions on Collections in the PRS-T1

Mrs B will soon be ordering numerous books for her PRS-T1 and it seems that I have been appointed librarian/technical consultant. Obviously the way forward is to set up a number of Collections but there are a couple of points that I'm not certain about.

1) As more books are put on the eReader there needs to be some way of spotting any new books so that they can be moved to the appropriate collection. This is very easy on my Kindle 4. If you set it to the Collection view then only books that are not in collections are shown on the home pages - this makes recently downloaded books stick out like a sore thumb. Is there something similar on the PRS-T1? I know that new books will be marked new, but this tag disappears if you open the books for any reason. I suppose you could set the book sort order to sort by date so that the most recent books are at the top of the list but this will not help with older books that you remove from one collection before moving them to another collection (for example, moving them to a Read Books collection). So, any suggestions on how to deal with this problem?

2) The eReader seems to make it's own decisions about automatically creating Collections and putting books in them. So far it has created Amazon (I've a few Amazon books converted to epub), Romance (Mrs B's main genre) and New Books without bothering to ask me if I want them. How do I stop the eReader from doing this?
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