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What I did to get WhisperSync for voice to work

For the life of me, I could not get Whispersync for Voice to work. Here's the scenario:

1. Book - Against All Things Ending by Stephen R. Donaldson. I already owned the eBook and the Audible audiobook prior to the WhisperSync for voice announcement

2. Devices - Apple iPad 2 with Audible app and Kindle for iOS. Kindle Keyboard.

3. Details - I bought this book the week is came out over a year ago and read on the Kindle to the 50% point. After that I got too busy to read and went the all audiobook route. The audiobook for this came out a few weeks ago, I manually found my place in the audiobook and started to listen from there. I have 3 1/2 hours of audiobook left at this point.

Ok, here's what I did.

First Problem: No Sync option in Audible app.
Solution: I had to log out of audible and log back in on the iPad and the sync option became available under settings. I synced.

Second problem: Kindle was stuck at 50% no matter how many times I tried to sync it.

Solution: With the help of Amazon tech support, I went in my Kindle device list on the Amazon web site I found all sorts of crap. My Ipad 2 was listed twice (Had to factory reset it at one point), my Android phone was listed SEVEN times (I root and rebuild a lot). I went and deleted one iPad and ALL the Android phones (wife is using the phone now. That's why I killed them all). I then went into the Audible app and did another sync. Grabbed the Kindle keyboard, opened the book and chose Sync to furthest read position and all of the sudden it told me there was a further read position on the server. I said OK and it moved me to 89%, where is should be. Kindle for iOS was also able to sync and pick up at 89%.

I haven't tried to go the other way yet, but I assume it's going to work.

Kindle tech support was awesome. The guys stayed on the phone with me for almost 20 minutes trying different things. He took tons of notes, so he could add it to his knowledgebase.

Audible tech support was a JOKE. The guy told me that Whispersync for Voice will sync my audible content across multiple copies of Audible only and will not sync with an eBook. He then asked me where I got the information that it will sync with an eBook and I told him to go to the damn page on Amazon for the book in question; it says so right on the page.

Looking around I saw that there are a number of books that are available in both Audible and Kindle marketplaces, but are not WhisperSync ready. I asked the Amazon rep are they just catching up. He told me that they cannot enable Whispersync for voice on a title, unless they get permission from the publisher to do so. Hearing that just KILLS ME. I buy the Audiobook. I buy the eBook, but Amazon can't like them together for me unless the publisher says Amazon is allowed to. Screw you. I paid for them both. This is a value add, not an issue of copyright.

And they wonder why people pirate books...
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