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Additional Catalog Indicator Request

About a year and a half ago, I petitioned for a 'Wish List' symbol in the Catalog, and my 'wish' (pun intended) was granted by GRiker

Since then my Catalog needs have evolved as follows:
(1) I track 'read' books: well handled by the Catalog and indicated by the '+' sign.
(2) I track books I own, either paperback, hardback or ebooks. I have twisted the "Wish List" concept to accommodate this and the Catalog generates the 'X' to indicate this.

(3) Finally, now I have a new need: to track public library books that are, or will become available to me.
When I book shop I don't care to buy books that are available in my various libraries.

Obviously any book that does not meet any of the above three criteria, will be unmarked and thus on my shopping list.

For this third area, (3) I am requesting a nearly duplicate coding of either the Wish List or Read indicators and an additional symbol, like a 'O' to be outputted to the Catalog. This additional versatility would be much appreciated.
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