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Originally Posted by robko View Post
Can't help with the diacritics, but there were lots of requests for a wishlist, so it's hard to claim that's useless and cluttering, and really -- one word "Discover" on the screen = clutter??
The shortlist should show up as part of your shelves (someone else had an issues with this not showing up, but it does on mine). If it doesn't, well you do have shelves so not having a shortlist can be overcome easily.
It unfortunately takes an extra tap or two to get the clock, but if you tap the bottom menu and the gear in the top left, the clock is still there.

Not having the diacritics work for you in some fonts sucks, but to call this update a terrible fail is a little much.
I admit, maybe "clutter" is a little bit too hard, but it occurs I have the diacritics solely in Time New Roman, so for me it's terrible fail for sure if there's no way to fix it. And, yep, I have an issue with shelves too.
Time to dig for an old firmware I suppose.
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