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Problem "installing" "Kindle library extractor"

I am looking into the possibility of developing an app for the kindle. Given this I searched around a bit and found the following page about what was needed to accomplish this:

One of the first requirements for this was to jailbreak, which I had already done. The next item noted was to obtain a copy of the kindle libraries using the above noted "Kindle library extractor", which is where I am having the problem. I have a both kindle 3 wifi and a 3g and am seeing the same behavior on both of them. I downloaded the library extractor package here:

I then copied the appropriate installer to the kindle and attempted to update. In both cases I got the U007 "The update was not successful. Your kindle is restarting" screen and found that the jarextractor installer had been moved to the linkss directory.

Is something missing from the documentation on this? I am wondering, as I see no entry in linkjail/etc/whitelist for update_jarextractor*, if that is the cause of the U007 error. If so, will simply adding it correct the problem?

I also noticed the following file in the linkss directory:

4082760 2011-10-22 01:52 Update_558700031_611680021.bin

Is this an update that failed or was blocked for some reason? What should I do with it if anything?

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