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keep original file name

Hi, Working on finding a conversion process to convert .html ebooks to epubs posted to Faded (initial source is from Distributed Proofreaders Canada) and Calibre looks to be a great tool.

Is there an easy way to have Calibre NOT change the file names when using the gui?

Is there any easy way to have Calibre output the .epub to the original directory when using the gui?

The default under the gui appears to be to import and rename.

My OS is Debian-stable, hierarchy of ~/ebooks where the Calibre ebook library is housed. I wish to keep non-renamed .epubs in ~/FPC/ with 8 digit numbers for all subdirectories Files inside those subdirectories contain files that are either the same 8 digit number or a 8 digit number .zip of .html and /image.

Yes, I could set up a script for ebook-convert and do it on the command line, but I want to KISS for other people down the road.

peace mark

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