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Originally Posted by tuxor View Post
Wow, I'm really excited to hear Booxtor's statement on that. I understand that they try to avoid the high cost of replacing the display under warranty. But if they are actually not able to determine the reason of the defect and they even admit that, it's undoubtedly their duty to replace the panel.

I'm wondering, why Booxtor doesn't send it in to Onyx directly, if he doesn't feel enabled to decide whether or not this should be handled under warranty. From my understanding he should get a refund for the replaced display from Onyx, since their device comes with warranty from the manufacturer afaik...

Btw... "What would you do?" - I would definitely do the same you are doing now, write on this forum and make the mob complain mercilessly about the unfairness and the unfulfilled promises


here is the whole answer from ereader-store to the customer with brocken screen problem:

" Hi,

I am really sorry, but we are not able to investigate, what could cause the damage. We just can test, if it is an electronic fault or broken screen.

If the glass of the screen is broken it is obviously a kind of a sign of mistreatment. Fault in material is excluded, since the ereader has worked a quite long time (two months).

The warranty is given by manufacturer (not by seller) and the manufacturer will not accept (and also not believe) any excuses.

I am working quite long (three years now) with eInk devices and had to deal with many broken screens. In 90% of all cases customers claimed they didn't drop, hit or use any force on it. But I never heard, that a manufacturer treated a broken screen as warranty case.

You may not accept it, but there is no chance the manufacturer will take over the costs in case like yours.

Sorry again... "

It seem to be hard to accept, but we are not going to take over the costs for replacement of broken screens (caused during using by customer). We are doing good service, I think, but for some damages on our products we can not be made responsible. From many hundred sold devices we had to deal with 3 cases of broken screen only. Two first cases were caused by mistreatment of packages in postal services and we have replaced the devices immediately (even we could not make postal services responsible for that and had to take over complete costs). The last case was caused by customer. You must understand, glass is fragile and need to be handled quite carefully. Just imagine we would accept broken screens as warranty case, then we could stop our business right now.

In the case above the device has not been necessarily hit or dropped. Even if the cover was closed it is enough to press in the middle of the screen to cause splits in the screen fixation area. It could be anything - a dog/cat/baby jumped on the device, apple in the bag pressing against device etc. The customer may even not have noticed the source of the damage.

But it is still not excusable and not the reason make us responsible for it.
If the customer want, I can send the device to Onyx lab for further investigation.
I am pretty sure , they will have the same conclusion.

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