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Hi. First thing first: thanks hawhill for your great work!

I'm quite happy with my setup on DXG. There is two problems that bother me though

1. I can't quit the viewer. LP Shift+v+q does not work, neither the home button. The only way I can quit the viewer now is to ssh into my kindle and do the killall manually
2. The Page BCK works but FW doesn't. I know this sounds weird, but it really is. I think a lot of special keys doesn't work as well. The joystick for example.

Here's the part of config.lua that I modified.
elseif code == KEY_PGBCK then SendKeyEvent(XK_Page_Up, pressed)
elseif code == KEY_PGFWD then SendKeyEvent(XK_Page_Down, pressed)
I think this two issue are probably related. My guess would be the fact that I'm on 3.2.1 on DXG. Can anyone help me?
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