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Yes, I have just noticed that ALL my shelves have zero books on it. All my books are on my SD card. If it's going to be like this any time I have to re-set, I guess I won't bother with the shelves thing.

How many books SHOULD the Nook hold in it's own memory space, if they aren't B&N books? Guesstimated, I know there's no exact number, lol.

I have been noticing that my Kindle gets slower the more books I pack on it, so I decided to actually start to USE my Nook, to lighten the Kindle's load, so to speak.

What would make the process a LOT easier for me would be to be able to:

a. when editing shelves, switch how the books list from ABC order to by author name. More often than not, an author sticks with one genre, so if I could sort that way, it just seems like it would be easier.

b. if there were an "unshelved books" option, just to double check that everything actually IS shelved. My eyes tend to glaze over when scrolling down the screen, and I'm sure I miss books. An alternative to this would be the option to have books not show up on the list while shelving, if the book has already been placed on a shelf.

So Calibre can set up folders seen on my Nook itself, or just in Calibre itself? I need to play a bit more. I'm not so tech minded, it took me ages to add screensavers to my Kindle and try the Collection manager. Of course, with my Nook, I tried to do all those things first thing. SS's were easy, Shelves, not so much, hehe!

Of course, in a perfect world, there would be a Nook Shelves manager for Calibre, that works just like the Kindle Collections Manager, and all books are sorted onto my Nook with one touch of a button!

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