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Originally Posted by yifanlu View Post
If you used the hack that allows your DX to run 3.1 software, you have my brick protection kernel that allows running unsigned recovery packages. If not, you need serial port access.

Unfortunately I didn't install it. My system bricked before that...

Hawhill replied this on the "Kindle DX serial console" forum thread..

Originally Posted by hawhill View Post
Good that you have it working to this point, though.
I think the root file system is corrupted (due to not properly unmounting or re-mounting it read-only).
The way to go is
- you've got to get yourself a partition image of /dev/mmcblk0p1 (first partition on the flash disk), maybe a kind soul can provide it to you,
- you've got to dump it to the first partition of your device's flash disk.

When doing the latter (via option 3), you will find that there's a passwort that needs to be entered. I'm not sure, but I think you need to recover it from the Serial No of your Kindle. Maybe others can comment on this.

The whole procedure is showed in a video that seaniko7 made:
The mkfs is not needed, since you're dumping a full partition image anyway. The hardest part will probably be to find out the password for your device.

In the recovery menu, do NOT chose 4 (Erase MMC0) and probably not the format option either.

I'm not sure about books and stuff. I think you will probably need a (live CD/usb stick?) Linux, although you probably can dump partition images on windows, too. Someone with expertise in that regard might jump in here...
So I need to upload that image dump, how to upload it and get to know the password.

It seems the DX Graphite has a different pinout...

Originally Posted by stranger_st View Post
Hi havhill thank you very much for advice. I did change baud to 115200 and 8N1. It is connected, but In my case (Kindle dxg) connection was different than in ebs version.
1. 5V from converter (where 1 on the board)
2. Rx port.
3. Tx port.
4. Ground.
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