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There is a new update available: 0.3.0BETA!!
(see the startpage of this topic)

Originally Posted by dave9000 View Post
There's a small problem with character encoding (windows-1252).
the following patch in seems to fix the issue:
OLD: raw = raw.decode('windows-1252', errors='replace')
NEW: raw = raw.decode('utf-8', errors='replace')
Hey Dave, thanks for your reply.
I changed the the decoding for anobii(now utf-8), and didnot change the decoding for ( windows-1252).
Just because of the diacritics I changed them both to windows-1252 in the previous version 0.2.0.

Diactritics gives a lot of problems and they are not easy to handle. Also because I don't have many references to check, I am dependent of the booktitles and author names that are given to me. So please check and stay replying . References are always welcome.
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