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You're going to have a great time! I went to see Stephen King when he was in town several years ago, and it was fantastic. He read from Lisey's Story (his most recent work at the time), talked about how he comes up with story ideas, cracked jokes when he told the audience that his macabre imagination made raising teenagers more of a nightmare than it should have been, and was just generally an affable, interesting guy. He's the only author I've even gone to see, but it was well worth it. Wish he was coming back this way again.

At that event, there was a raffle/lottery sort of arrangement for the book signing, and for the actual signing they just had him sign books in the back and then the lottery "winners" received a signed book. They didn't get to see King in person and they were only able to receive a copy of Lisey's Story, not provide a different book to be signed. I thought he was going to be at the reception afterwards but he wasn't, which turned out to be fine--it would have been a zoo. Even so, I plunked down a good bit of money to see him then and I'd do it again without hesitation.

Just my opinion, of course...
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