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I'm happy to learn that it is possible to browse local html files. There are many html files I would like to read on Kindle but am unwilling to load them over on 3G, it's slow.

I tried both bozohttpd and busybox httpd approach, but no luck.

Command I've put in is:
bozohttpd -b -X /mnt/us/www
/mnt/us/usbnet/bin/busybox httpd -h /mnt/us/www

I put in a file current.html in /mnt/us/www and in the browser, typed http://localhost/current.html

I got error msg: "There was an error encountered when processing your request."

Is there anything wrong or missing on my approach?

Just notice that the file:/// approach works now, which was not working on DXG before. Probably one of the hacks has re-enabled this function! Anyway, I don't need this httpd thing now. Enjoying the local html files! Thanks!

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