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How can I amend the style definition in HTML to fix Kindle default?

This is not my problem because I convert to mobi before upload to Kindle, but I'm trying to help out those who just want to upload HTML to Kindle for conversion:

Kindle's converter automatically indents the first line of every paragraph. So if you want your paragraphs to flush left, Kindle advises:

"The first line of each paragraph indents by default. You can change the indentation of the first line of a paragraph using the width attribute:
<p width="N"> (pixels), <p width="N%">,<p width="Nem"> or <p width="Npt">"

Now, who wants to do that all through a 300-page book? I would think there might be a way to amend the Normal paragraph style definition instead. For example, in a document with a flushed left paragraph, justified, and with a 12 pt space after it, the definition looks like this:

p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal

Does anyone know how or where the above definition might be amended as per Kindle's suggestion? I've tried various ways without success.

If not, the code for my paragraphs reads:

<p class=MsoNormal>blah blah blah blah.</p>

Where would I add the <p width="N"> code (or one of the other variants listed by Kindle). I've tried before and after the <p class=MsoNormal> but with no success either.


P.S. I am aware of formatting workarounds in Word, but this question is about code.
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