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[Metadata Source Plugin] BOL_NL

BOL_NL - Version 3.8.1 - july 8th, 2015 by Pr. BarnArt.

This plugin is for using as a metadata source.
It is only for books in the Dutch language, that's why it is called BOL_NL.
It was based on the 'Barnes' work by 'Grant Drake'.

Main Features of BOL_NL v 3.8.1
  • retrieve isbn.
  • retrieve (multiple) author(-s) (no contributors/translators), title.
  • retrieve comments, cover, rating, publisher and publishing date.
  • retrieve language
  • option: to retrieve rejected titles in case no exact match is found - default= yes
  • option: to retrieve reviews(NBD/Biblion) besides description - default = yes
    (request Triniton ;-)
  • option: to retrieve covers from if availalble - default = no (request Wipneus )
  • option: to retrieve only covers from, not from (request Wipneus)
  • option: to retrieve tags for Age, Categorie (request Sanghoku)

Special Notes:
  • BOL_NL first looks for a match on the isbn-number, if that is know.
  • Otherwise it takes the author's name and the exact booktitle.
  • If there is no match, the user is shown the rejected titles, so he/she can choose if there is an alternative (not under osX, see know issues).
  • requires calibre 0.8.5 or higher.

Update info 3.8.1
  • Fix for retrieving reviews.

known issues:
  • sometimes no cover with "inkijkexemplaar", just text.
  • when search is based on isbn there is no rating-info
  • Under osX it is not possible to use a dialog window in a plugin for rejected titles. So for osX users the advise is to disable this option in the configuration of the plugin.

Installation Notes:
  • Download the attached zip file and install the plugin as described in the Introduction to plugins thread.
  • You can configure the plugin within Calibre.
  • Here you can select the options for description and reviews (NBD/Biblion),
    for covers from Literatuurplein and for tags.

Paypal Donations:
  • If you find this plugin useful please feel free to show your appreciation.

Version History:

V.3.8.1 8-75-2015
- Fix for retrieving reviews

V.3.8 29-5-2015
- Update due to website changes of BOL regarding comments

V.3.6 19-4-2015
- Update due to website changes of BOL

V.3.5 1-2-2015
- Update due to website changes of BOL also for rejected titles

V.3.5 31-1-2015
- Update due to website changes of BOL
- Correct a typo (recencie to redecensie)

v.3.4.0 9-11-2014
- Update due to timezone problems with the publishing date , default day of the month is set to 2.

v.3.3.0 16-10-2014
- Update due to website change

v.3.2.1 10-9-2014
- Update due to website change / clean description to almost plain text

v 3.2.0 25-8-2014
- Update due to website change
- removed keywords and genre as base for tag search

v.3.1 1-8-2014
- update for retreiving cover due to website change

v.3.0 21-7-2014
- Porting to Qt5 for Calibre 2.0

v2.4 9-5-2014
- fix due to website change

v2.3 12-12-2013
- fix due to website change

v.2.2.5 19-9-2013
- fix authors-bug ( translators were add to the authors , if they are mentioned)
- fix bug publish_date, in case there was extra information shown, p.e. "midprice".

v.2.2.4 21-8-2013
- fix for another websitechange of

v.2.2.3 5-7-2013
- update correct publisher and publish date in case of eBook version (Thx Wipneus)

v.2.2.2 15-6-2013
- correct publisher and publish date in case of eBook version

v.2.2.1 13-1-2013
- fix error when there are no reviews or when reviews were not selected by the user

v.2.2.0 11-1-2013
- fix for another websitechange of

- small fix to prevent crash in case the default value for rejected books is not saved

v.2.0.0 9-11-2011
- add a dialog for choosing an alternative title if there no match with the exact title.
- small fix because of website-change.
- delete serie variables.
- add option for rejected titles in the configuration settings.(2.0.1)
- delete extra<br> at comments (2.0.1)

v.1.8.2 - 21-10-2012
- cleanup code , because some debug code was left.

v.1.8.1 - 19-10-2012
- fix for another websitechange of

v.1.8.0 - 27-9-2012
- Quick fix for another dirty websitechange of
They now serve different (xml-)pages of the same object in a random way.
So the plugin needs to do some more analyzing

v.1.7.0 - 6-7-2012
- add option: to retrieve tags/labels Genre,Age,Categorie,Keywords ((request SangHoku)) Default = no tags

v 1.6.2 - 22-4-2012
- added language as metadata item
- add option: to retrieve covers from if availalble- default = no (request Wipneus )
- add option: to retriev only covers from, not from (request Wipneus)
- settings are done in the configuration window

v 1.6.0 - 7-2-2012
- fix for another websitechange of related to authors
- add link to mobileread forum for error and requests in the configuration section

v.1.5.1 - 22-1-2012
- fix for title-info when searching on isbn-number.

v. 1.5.0 - 19-1-2012
- Quick fix for another websitechange of

v.1.4.0 - 4-1-2012
- Quick fix for websitechange of

v. 1.3.0 - 31-7-2011
- add option for description and reviews, or just description (request from Triniton)

v. 1.2.0 - 7-7-2011
- fix noimage now skipped as cover
- fix no match if Bol ommits 'de','het' or 'een' as start of the title

v. 1.1.0 - 25-6-2011
fix: rating was set to 0 when searching on isbn.
fix: parsing end of lines in comments (problem: no space after a word on the end of a line) (thx Dompie).

v. 1.0.0 - 21-6-2011
intial production release.
fix: no matches found on isbn-pages with less information.
fix: error when "verschijningsjaar" is more than just a year.

v. 0.3.1 - 20-6-2011 - beta
change: skip "Beschrijving" at description.
fix: prevent unnecessary "<br>"'s in description by converting webtext.

v. 0.3.0 - 19-6-2011 - beta
add: more specific publish date.
add: rating.
add: exclude 'luisterboek / cd / voorgelezen' from results.
add: if no 'inkijkememplaar', then take the small one on the webpage.
fix: now getting larger covers ( mislead me a bit, by offering thumbs in stead of large cover;-).

v. 0.2.1 - 18-6-2011 - beta
fix: cleanud up to much (debug-)code.

v. 0.2.0 - 18-6-2011 - beta
change: comments is more accurate, also including "(" .
add: publisher_data, pub_date(year only).
fixed: multiple authors.

v. 0.1.1 - 17-6-2011 - beta
initial release.
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