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CSS Question


When I converted my HTML files to epub, for use with iBooks, I'd a problem: All chapter titles which are in the TOC are blue.

I tried to fix the problem using Calibre "Extra CSS" option, but apparently it cannot override hyperlink colours (I tried the a:link {color:black} tag, but it didn't work).

However, if I open the output ePub on Sigil and edit the css by hand, I can force the color:black attribute on all calibre-generated classes, therefore fixing the problem.

So I've added the following tags to the "Extra CSS": .calibre1 {color: black}... .calibre10 {color:black}. This actually works, if I convert from HTML to ePub and then from ePub to ePub.

My question is: Is there a way to output the all the calibre classes with the {color: black} tag on the first conversion. Or will I be forced to make two conversions in order to put it there?
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