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I think some of this may be the re-write of metadata.calibre (the list oflast known books on your device).
Mine is now 12.5M for 2146 books.
Hmmm, so if I do a factory reset then I may see metadata upload times come down but the more books I add the longer the times will get?

I'm reluctant to do a factory reset of my Kobo because if it doesn't help then it's going to take a loooonng time to reload my books.

I'm concerned that not too many people are reporting this problem. Does that mean that this is specific to just a few Kobos or are there not that many people with the upgrade that use Calibre and post here?

On a single ereader, why would you want more than 100 books? I have 5000 ebooks in my Calibre Library on the PC but but on my kindle I have four collections: 50 unread novels, 20 humor books, 20 non-fiction, and 8 reference.

These numbers fluctuate as I read through the books and I add to the ereader as I come across anything new that I want to read right away.

Unless you're kidnapped and held in a cave somewhere with your charger and an electrical outlet, it's unlikely that you need many more books than this on any portable device at any given time. Moreover, Calibre has a far superior library management capability on a PC than that found on any dedicated ereader.
I like to read more than one book at a time and I like to have them all or most of them with me . It's just easier and works for me. (and the Kobo comes preloaded with 100 books).

By limiting the number of books on your device and ensuring that you have selected "manual management" in Preferences > Sending data to devices, I would hope that your load times were measured in a few seconds per upload.
I would like to use my Kobo to it's full potential.
I do have manual management selected.
I would hope so too but that's not the reality.

The problem seems to be on my Windows 7 and my XP machines.
I updated Calibre to 8.2.
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