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Originally Posted by nixnick View Post
cmus sounds like an easy way to hack some gui into kindle...
i'd prefer making some kind of overlay gui for the kindle, which should be fairly easy once i determine a way to draw on the eink display and catch keys...

i had another idea today: since the kindle speakers (mine is wifi+3g eu) are quite good, i'd love to use them as a alarm clock with my mp3's...
does anyone know a way of scheduling a script/program without having to burn the battery the whole night while sleep()ing?
I would think you could setup a crontab entry for this, but I don't know if you would also need to disable the "sleep" mode for this to operate. I guess that would depend if cron will still deal with crontabs while the kindle is sleeping. Does anyone know about this? If not I guess you could try it and see.

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