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I just picked up one of these today at my (closing) Borders store.
It was priced down to $69, and it IS the wifi version. (It is black with a black button.) It was originally $99, then last weekend I stopped by and it was $79, and today was $69 (and only had a handful left) so I picked it up.

Already have loaded 2 library books on it - a PDF and an EPUB.

I really like it. I have a Kindle (love) but wanted something for library books. At this price, I took a chance. I was considering the Nook (at $149!) but trying it out in the store convinced me I really wanted something simple, just for library books. Seemed like it took so many steps to do anything on the Nook, and I did not like the little touch screen at the bottom. Give me buttons any day! (Oh, tried the Sony too, REALLY did not like that touch screen!)

Reading on it is very similar to the Kindle, very clear and sharp.
PDFs are small and you can't change the display. You can change EPUBs.

So, so far so good. I like how it works, and what it does. Perfect little reader for my needs!

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