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irex800s will suit your needs, if you can get hold of one.. it is great for reading all material, very clear screen and very usable... The downside is IREX went into administration last year, and I don't know what is happening with them right now.. Also when i purchased mine it was expensive...(450pounds i think) But as i read a lot of technical books that are in PDF the 6inch screens do not work well with PDFs and i was fed up with lugging my tech books around, this one has an 8.1 inch screen... so you may be able to find one out there cheaper than the Kindle DX, i believe there are some new ebook readers being released soon.

For me, if anything i would be tempted to go for a bigger screen next time for PDF viewing, but then you have the down side of the size of the screen to carry around..

good luck
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