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well, according to latest news they will not be merged - its like spanish drama - yeap, its that serious, between the two developers.

to provide some context:
FBreader (Dhza) - use of some certain code and tools that was shared by andy wooden, a distinctive vision for the project but some doubtfull decisions on the code and need of Kindle restart before use, the developer suggested that he intends to continue on and work on the project.
fbKindle (andy wooden) - some original code and tools, some nice improvements compating to FBreader(no kindle restart needed for the code to operate), prefered by the majority, the developer has suggested that support and new features for this implementation might be irregular.

a merge was inteded between the two, but then the FBreader developer said that he does not feel like merging cause it would probably kill a better part of his previous work. therefore as of now there are two more or less alpha/beta versions each with its course.

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