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OK, so here's what I did:

1. In calibre, select the book that is giving you problems
2. Right-click that book, and choose Tweak epub from the contextual menu that appears
From here I selected "Explode EPUB"
3. A folder will open up with a bunch of files
4. Delete any file with ".css" in that folder or the sub-folders
Done. There was probably some stuff in the original CSS file that I could have left intact, but I figured, what the hell. So the entire file went in the trash. (And I do have a safe backup copy, in case I royally screwed something up.)
5. Delete any file that ends with ".xpgt" - it is usually called "template.xpgt" but occasionally comes in different names
6. Open the ".opf" file using a text editor and delete any lines that have the ".xpgt" file written in them
I didn't see any .xpgt files, so I skipped these 2 steps.
7. Go back to calibre and choose the button that says rebuild epub
8. Convert the file again so that your css or the calibre default css is written into the epub.
9. Delete the epub off of your reader and add the new epub to the reader.

Result: The font is fixed! A number of text treatments, such as centering, paragraph indents, and some other things, were removed along with the pre-determined font, but those were mostly relegated to title and chapter heading pages, and so aren't a big deal to me. I can handle page breaks comprised of a blank line instead of an indented first line. I may do a little more tweaking (if I can figure out how), but for now I'm a happy camper.

Many, many thanks to koadic and slantybard!

(@koadic - you're welcome to join the Order; the more BOoBS the better! )
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