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Originally Posted by emellaich View Post
Tom, I'm sure this isn't your intent, but let me explain.

When we see a new member that shows up and coyly asks us about some 'new' site or author, the cynics among us assume that it is a self-promotion by the owner/creator looking to generate some traffic.

If you are the creator, people are more likely to respond favorably if you mention that upfront and ask for input or feedback on the site.

Secondly, it would help us if you gave us a summary and told us what you thought was important about the site. If your purpose is really only promotion, then you
Sorry gang,
I'm a newbie with a new Sony 350, just looking around for good and/or free sites.

When I looked at it the seemed that the forums were dated (old and not active) and the home page shows a bunch of posting by the admin. That just bothered me, and their privacy policy seemed dicey. So before I gave them an address I wanted to see how other viewed it.

I am not a shill and sorry that I appear like one. Just learning.

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