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Originally Posted by chaley View Post
This line indicates that a book showed up that wasn't there the last time calibre connected. Is this reasonable/expected?
On device or in Calibre. There was nothing new on the device. In Calibre, yes, possible.

Originally Posted by chaley View Post
The six seconds from when it finished getting books to this sync is somewhat disturbing. What is your metadata management setting?
Where would I find this? I poked around without much success. Running Vista 64, if it matters.

Originally Posted by chaley View Post
Would you consider running with debug on for a while, as a matter of course? I would like to understand where the time differences come from, and you might catch one. No urgency, really.
Sure, but I don't connect very often. I keep just what I might want to read on the device and only connect when I need to add a new book. I could do a few unnecessary connections, now and again. How long would I run it on debug?
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