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Originally Posted by GraceKrispy View Post
So my question to you is: Do you need to engage in the story and feel a part of it to fully enjoy it?
Not really. I read cosy mysteries because they are entertaining enough and don't demand much of me. Sometimes, a book has a really unlikeable main character but so well done that I am intrigued and keep on reading - and hoping he gets the worst possible end. Other times I love the glimpses I get of a secondary character, the way the book is written or the period or the language or I realize the author (i.e. Dan Brown) is manipulating me, the reader, but I've got to see whatever he comes up with. In a way, I have got as many favorite books as moods.
Originally Posted by GraceKrispy View Post
And what does that engagement look like for you?
It's like being sucked into a completely different world you don't want to quit. When you are at work and smiling stupidly because you will be back to it when you get home. When you try to ration your reading to make it last, because you don't want it to end. When you think fondly of the characters once the book is done. Those books are rare to find. I have to fully empathize with the main characters, enjoy the writing and be intrigued with the story. And I am difficult to please! Mr. Pratchett is managing quite well, though.
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