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Originally Posted by dinkus View Post
thanks blkhawk. Your method of etching sounds much easier than ones I've found online requiring UV lights and transparencies - that is, unless thats what you mean by "etch the board.."
no, I meant by etching put it in hot etching solution and stir it.

Originally Posted by dinkus View Post
To use the bus pirate for the serial port, how do you configure it? Based on reading I've done, seems like you need to use the open collector and UART mode and feed the bp a constant 1.8v source? Do you have an easy suggestion for the 1.8v beyond a bench supply?
yes, start UART mode with "m3" then choose baudrate "9". the Rest of the settings are default. Enable pullup Resistors with "P" then Start the transparent UART Bridge mode with "(3)".
You can get the constant 1.8v directly from the kindle. the shortest pin on my mask has 1.xv on it.
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