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Calibre extension - "print driver"?

Dear All,

I use Calibre extensively as the software that Amazon should have included with my Kindle DXG - I use it mainly to convert to MOBI format.
Now, following a discussion I'm having on the Kindle subforum, I wonder if it's possible to use/re-tool Calibre to automate some functions. What I basically want is to be able to "print" to my Kindle from any application. I know I can save from the browser or from word, and then use Calibre to convert to MOBI (or epub, etc., depending on the reader) or print to PDF. But PDF does not have reflow, and converting file by file seems a bit cumbersome.
Is there any chance a "Calibre print driver" can be developed to be used in any application? It would amount to a "Save as MOBI-EPUB" function in every program... Of course I'm not a programmer and this probably is easier said than done, but just in case.

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