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09-10-2010, 10:00 AM
Hey Guys --

I've been bouncing between the idea of getting a Nook or Kindle 3, but now that my wife has a DroidX I'm seriously thinking of getting that instead. For anyone who reads books on a DroidX or similar phone I have some questions:

- Do you have any eye straining or problems reading on a back-lit screen? That's one reason I was thinking of going with an e-ink based reader, but being a DBA i look at an LCD screen all day and I guess it doesn't bother me. But thought I'd ask.

- I've tested the Kindle App on my wife's DroidX and it's nice, but are there any advantages or disadvantages with using the Kindle App on Android over having it on a Kindle device? Are any ebooks color?

- Is the 4.7" screen too small? I read lots of paperbacks, so my initial thought with the Kindle 3 was the 6" screen was perfect, but for anyone used to reading hardbacks or paperbacks have problems reading full books on the 4.7" DroidX screen? I've found I can read better with white text on black background using the Kindle app, but any other suggestions?

- I've seen that Overdrive has an Android app (, but how well does it work?

- Is there a good eReader app for Android that works with Calibre? I've started cataloging all my books in Calibre with the anticipation of getting a Kindle, so can these sync to the DroidX or any Android phone just as they would to a Nook or Kindle? Also what about ePub and Mobi support?

- Battery life is a concern, so how many hours can you read on your Android device (specifically the DroidX) without needing a charge?

- Is there anything else I'm missing? Pros or Cons with using a DroidX or any Android-based phone as an eReader?

Thanks for any help with answering these questions. Take care ---


09-10-2010, 11:37 AM
I use the original Droid and for me it is a backup for my Kindle. Not everyone has eyestrain with LCD screens but I do so I do most of reading on my Kindle. Plus, there is a Kindle app that allows me to read the same Amazon purchased book on both my Kindle and Droid and keep the book synced between the two devices. That way I can leave my Kindle at home and read on my Droid when away for a few hours. If I'm going to be gone for the day or longer then I will bring my Kindle because for me it is a far more comfortable device to read on.

I haven't tried to send books wirelessly to my Droid with Calibre so I can't help you there. But it is easy, peasy to send books to your Kindle wirelessly with Calibre. And if you use the wifi, it's free.

Personally, I find the 4.7" screen adequately sized for reading but I strongly dislike reading for a long time on a LCD. The Kindle app and Aldiko app can change the background and font colors and I generally use the night setting (white letters on black background) because it bothers my eyes the least.

09-10-2010, 12:53 PM
I also have the original Droid and agree with most of what TallMomof2 says. The only thing I would modify is using the night setting. It depends on the ambient light whether I use night or day settings. With little or no ambient light, the night setting is definitely better & I even reduce the brightness.

Also never tried to use Calibre with it since it's so easy to just transfer the files via USB draq & drop.

There does seem to be only a subset of the Kindle capabilities with the Android App but they are not too different.

Battery, compared to an e-ink device, is definitely much worse. I would only get a few hours reading before having to recharge but as an alternate device for occasional reading it's great, especially since you can sync your books with your Kindle and/or Kindle for PC.

I read a lot & therefore I get eye strain from any reading device (even reading paper products - really especially with paper since I can't adjust the font size). The Droid is no worse for me than my e-ink reader. The screen size is a trade off. With the Kindle you won't have to change the page as often but the Kindle doesn't fit into your pocket very well. Having the two sync(able) devices allows you to read the Kindle when you know you'll be in one place for a while & the Droid is "always" with you for those spare moments of reading - e.g. waiting in lines, waiting for your dining partner to show up, etc.

So bottom line is I think the two (Droid & Kindle) work well as partners.

BTW, I rarely use my Kindle 1 for general reading. I prefer my Astak EZ Reader with Open Inkpot firmware. I like the controls better and that I am not restricted to just (basically) a single format when buying ebooks. However I'm glad to have the Kindle. I use it when I am proof reading scanned books because I can highlight the line where there are OCR errors instead of just bookmarking the page.

09-11-2010, 04:34 AM
Hey Guys. I made the move to a Droid X last week and have done a bit of reading on it....not a lot mind you....

I often read as I walk at lunchtime and take my Sony 505 along. I tried it a couple of times with the Droid X this week. The first day was overcast and all was great but in the pure clear sunshine, it really is not usable for reading .... at least not for my eyes. If the screen can be shaded a bit then it's possible to read but at least for me not an enjoyable experience.

The third day I used the Droid X as an mp3 player during my walk. :p

I have not tried the Kindle App yet.

09-13-2010, 11:11 AM
Thanks guys for the replies... I ordered my DroidX last week and it'll be here today, so I'm excited! I've talked to the folks at our local library, and they'll start offering Overdrive support for checking out books soon, so I'm looking forward to that, plus I already have some books on my To Download list from Amazon so I'll report back how that goes.

Take care --


09-16-2010, 01:14 PM
- I've seen that Overdrive has an Android app (, but how well does it work?

I think the Overdrive only support audiobooks for mobile devices, not eBooks.