View Full Version : Dzone HDMI Media Center as EE companion

08-28-2010, 02:52 AM
Dzone HDMI Media Center as EE companion

Just after I came home with my new Dzone media center I read about the Dingo 1.0 release and the USB-VGA support here (

Main reasons for me to buy:
- VGA out to connect to standard projectors and monitors
- SD card reader to use the SD card from the EE to play back audio, video and images

also nice:
- HDMI out, composite video/audio out, component video/audio out
- USB storage reader for external hard disk and USB thumb drive
- Hard disk enclosure for SATA 2,5 inch hard disk, which makes to a real media center for all the video and sounds to be used with the EE
- remote control for PSP looking user interface, images can be forwarded one by one (presentation, slide show)

The Dzone integrates with he EE by using the same SD card or USB thumb drive or using the Dzone as external hard disk for the EE.

Before the Dingo 1.0 announcement with the USB-VGA support, I would recommended a media center like Dzone with VGA out as a must have companion for presentation on projectors.

Let see how Dingo 1.0 works.