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08-20-2010, 06:35 AM
i try to get pingchat 0.95 for Android on my eDGe, but every website i try I get an error 404 or an authorization problem. in the meantime i became member of site i can't even remember where they are. :smack:

i've got a couple of apps lined up at appbrain, but also here i've got a problem.Appbrain want to have a phone-number, but my eDGe doesn't call.

bottom-line; i still look for some help. can somebody explain me what i do wrong here and how i can fix this in order to download more apps? :help:

08-20-2010, 09:02 AM
Unless someone can indicate otherwise, it seems AppBrain won't work with the eDGe.

On, at the top right, is a Welcome message with a link to the "AppBrain app". When I click it, I get a page with no download link, only a "Download directly from the Android Market". Android Market links start with "market://", which won't work on the eDGe.

That same page says "Browse the app market on from a *desktop* computer and use this app to install and uninstall apps with a sync". Note the requirement for a desktop PC. As far as I know, the eDGe doesn't have a sync-to-desktop facility, even if you're using a USB cable, or over wifi.

Similarly, when I investigated the "Fast Web Install" option, it says "Download Fast Web Install from the Android Market", which again you cannot do with the eDGe.

Individual app pages also don't have a download link (ultimately, you want an http:// link that ends with ".apk").

So, even though AppBrain is a third party market, it ultimately is still tied to the Android Market.

This leaves you two options: Google for things like "Pingchat APK" and take your chances, or download the apps to an Android phone and then copy the APK to your eDGe and install.