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08-01-2010, 11:53 PM
Are there any library systems that will run on a hacked Novel that allows creating bookshelves using tags or folders?

Automatically by folder would be my first choice.

08-06-2010, 09:08 PM
Hi Mike! At the end of this post is the answer to your question. This was originally posted on slatedroid.

I have been lurking for 2 weeks following the PDN threads. I own a nook and love it, but i like a backlit reader at nite. It just seems easier on my eyes than a spotlighted e-ink glare. So I went to BB&Beyond and got my PDN for $145.00 after 7% tax and 20% off. Add in the $20 rebate brings it to $125.00. After having it for 2 days I will send in my rebate and keep it!
I'm too cheap to get an ipad. I have an iphone that runs off of family data plan. However, the screen is too small for extended use. If I'm going to spend 5-6 hundred, I'd rather get a tablet PC. But there is nothing wrong with my netbook (ASUS). So this PDN was very intriguing.
My thanks to Meth, Nate, and all the contributors who found the time to hack this gadget and turn it into an android tablet. The directions for non techie peeps were great. I know there are people out there who are clueless but have the guts to try so my post is for them. I used to be one of you. Now I am comfortable with taking it 1 step at a time. When I get stuck, I go back to search for the answers. I have usually figured it out with the help of people who know what they are doing. So thank you again!!!:thanks:

My first step was to update the firmware. Downloaded both versions from the PD site. When I tried to use the sd card update, (zipped file), it started to load and then the android robot with an exclamation point popped up. I have never dealt with android before, so I wasn't sure it was hung up. Left it alone for 15 minutes, still the same so I reset the unit. Tried again, same result. Reset and moved to plan B.

I knew that the driver had to be from Nate's file, so I connected my PDN for the first time and loaded that driver first. Then I used the .exe file from PD to upgrade the firmware S10_07_18k. It finally gave the progress bar and started loading. I wasn't totally sure how to start loading apk files, so I rebooted. And was successful in changing the volume buttons and adding the panda home screen...

Next step- how to make a bat file with all the programs, just like de-drm works, instead of individually doing python stuff(using cmd lines). Not too comfortable with that yet. So someone suggested editting a copy of the panda home bat file( I didn't know you could do this once batted!!) So I put all the files into the hack file and edited the bat file with lots of apk programs- probably too many- I had some successes- some not enough storage-and some can't find the files. All the files were in the same place, so I don't understand that one. Not enough storage? Was the 1 gig already filled? So I connected my PDN and removed everything off the internal sd card- books- pics- music- anything not needed. And tried again with another bat file. Had more successes.

The following did not load- opera- Better Alarm Clock-home Switcher- Xiia live lite media player- Game center-
WIiFiOnOff- I double checked that my typing was the same as the name of th file too.;(

The following did not work- nook reader. I tried 2 different kinds of files- both would not work at turn on with notification to force close.;( Has anyone gotten it to work?:sad:

eReader loader and worked, but could not download my fictionwise books- something with the 443 port. Anybody who can help here would be great. I would love to have my bookshelf directly from fictionwise's site.

That left the aldiko reader..It worked, but did not see my books on the external sd card. It turns out that your books cannot be in any folders(like by subject or authors). So here is how you do it.:juggle:

1. put your epub files on the sd card.(I used calibre) 2. Make a folder called "import". Put all your loose epub files into the import folder. 3. Make a 2nd folder called "ebooks". Put your import folder into the ebooks folder.

So what you have is an sd card with one folder- ebooks. Click on that and you will then have your import folder. Click on that and you will see all your epub files. Your done with the sd card.

Put your card into your PDN and turn it on. Open aldiko, push up vol, choose import books from sd card, click OK, and aldiko will look for your books. It will add them to its bookshelf, this takes about 5 minutes for 50 books. Click on your aldiko bookshelf and all your books should be there. My book covers weren't transferred. I will try to put them into the folder and see if that works. But I can live without covers.

I hope this helps anyone frustrated out there. Once I figured it out I decided this PDN was too good to return. It has so much potential. It's a little heavy, but I can live with that. I'm game to try anything!!! :dtw:

So Mike- after I got this working, if you then open your aldiko reader on any of the new home screens, go to your bookshelf, and push the up vol, you get a pop up on the bottom of your booklist. 6 choices- Author list, Tag list( your calibre tags are here), collection list, search function, sort, and home(takes you to the home aldiko screen). This is almost as good as folders, except you have an extra step. I haven't had a chance to read a book on aldiko yet, but these functions remind me of the nook functions.:thumbsup: