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He also said Google is positioning itself to earn $10 billion or more per year in the mobile device business, thanks to its Android operating system.

Google is giving away the Android software for free to device makers, who are using it to power dozens of popular devices. By spreading Android, which is growing at a rate of 160,000 new handset activations per day, the company ensures that its Internet search, maps and other ad-supported services will endure as users shift to mobile devices.

“If we have a billion people using Android, you think we can’t make money from that?” Schmidt asked rhetorically.

09-01-2010, 11:17 PM
I believe it. Google is taking over the world!

09-10-2010, 07:03 PM
I think they are angling for people to have phones service for free through Google phone and data plans only. All for the price of ads.


09-10-2010, 08:01 PM
OMG....that 911 call was damn scary...

whole damn thing nearly convincing...I could see companies doing that...really....
I only realized it was the Onion at the end...

09-22-2010, 11:28 AM
Its hard to get around Android, even for non google fans:

Apple has shiny hardware with mediocre specs and a very smooth interface, but you're not master of the device you bought. Whoever can stomach being under Steve Jobs' thumb in his walled garden will probably be happy with an iPhone.

Nokia has shiny hardware with better specs, but their walled garden is more like a walled ghetto. The expensive "signed" requirement freezes out small developers, depressing the number of readers and other software you can get for it. Further its full of annoyance with its continual refusal to install stuff: "not signed" "certificate expired" etc. Sure, there's HelloX, but if you're gonna need to hack your phone, you can also just do that to an iPhone and have something smooth. And Nokia caves in to every Telco demand like sabotaging a decent Skype implementation to run on Symbian. You can finally install it, but even when you're on wifi, it won't use it and only receive fee based calls over the telco net. (on iPhone, you can use wifi with skype) Thanks a lot. Megoo? who knows what that's going to become, another walled garden? More Telco favors on the customers' backs? A real competitor? No way I'm buying another Nokia phone based on future hopes.

Blackberry, you'd better be sure the stuff Blackberry provides, is all you'll want for the next 2 years. They're good phones and provide a well-matched combination of things that works well for business people. But I like to have selection for installing odd stuff on my phone, the monolithic software approach doesn't work for all people.

Windows Phone 7, surprise! That division still exists in Microsoft, who would have thought after new versions and features had become an extremely slow trickle, what with even the most widely held complaints not adressed for near a decade? I'd been thinking for the last 5 years why Ballmer is ignoring that business area. He left the biggest possible vacuum - just asking for Apple and Google to fill it. I guess he figured he was safe stringing customers along, cause nobody but Microsoft could ever make a phone OS. Now its costing him dearly to have been a cheapskate. Either way, for customers, windows 7 would probably be ok and get lots of software before long, inspite of the giant screwup. And a lot of neat things made for iOS and Android just need to be ported, rather than invented.

Android though has the least shackles and the Software library is growing so fast that its cutting into developer profits. Well, that and Apple's pricing precedent; gone are the days where you have to pay through the nose for even the tiniest of utilities. Someone got Python to run on it, including an IDE and a web framework plus webserver! seems nuts, but a platform that lets you do that kind of stuff won't stop you from simpler things you might want to do. And you don't really need a big screen to write Python code when you had some great idea far from your computer.
Hence, Android gives you the closest thing to the freedom you have on your desktop to do whatever you want. and FBReader runs on it :p

Oh wait, I forgot something major... if they got Python running on it, doesn't that mean Calibre on Android?

What about the interests of Phone Manufacturers? Like Sony, HTC, Motorola, Samsung, LG?

I doubt Samsung will make another high end Symbian Phone, the last one was a mess, and Nokia extends no welcome to Symbian customers with other brand's phones. So those customers will just be frustrated with both Nokia and the other company involved which serves noone and doesn't help in making the next sale.

...Windows 7 won't allow Manufacturers any customization worth mentioning, nor is it allowed to replace Microsoft cloud services with their own.

Android lets them do whatever they want, even skip using Google's applications. Sony can make their Android phone all Sony, rather than Making a Windows phone that's all Microsoft, except for the Sony emblem on the case.

I think for every 3 Android phones they put on the market, they'll slap Windows 7 on one, unless there's some miraculously huge demand.