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12-25-2006, 11:57 PM

I need some help in finding how and where to get my Hiebook repaired.

The unit will charge, (fully) but will not power on.

It was in use when the battery warning came on.
I shut the unit down and recharged it, went to
power on , the unit came up and shut down
and now it will not come back on line.

Does anyone know of a place that will trouble shoot
and or do repairs to a Hiebook unit.

Have been unable to contact Hiebook directly
perhaps someone has a good web or email address for
the Hiebook people.

I realize the unit is not "new" but I am comfortable with
it and would like to continue to use it if I can get it repaired.

Thanks in advance for your help


12-15-2007, 06:07 AM
Hello, N5EGX...honico here...

Repair is not happening for Hiebook -from a 'factory' or service center. It's been a while since your post -and we've maybe talked since then, but with different credentials.
In the mean time; in case it's still knocking around:

Unplug the unit (from anything).
Remove the battery.
Plug in wall wart.
Using a paperclip, reset the unit -but do so with it powered off. Hold it in for a couple secs (central hole in back, near the word "Korea", label).
Power on (if it's not already on) and "walk the dog" -calibrating the screen.

If nothing happened, zip, then there's one thing to look at (internally) -and reply, I'll walk ya through.

If it powered on:
With unit still powered on, plug the battery in.
If unit dies: battery is bad. Replace with discarded (but good) cellphone battery: 3.6~3.7V, 1200~1800mAh, substituting the little circuit card (wrapped w/ battery).

If the unit didn't die, turn it off (still plugged in).
Install battery: power on.
-If it powers on, then it may just be a weak battery...or nothing at all.
-If it won't power on, it's definitely the battery.



12-15-2007, 08:16 AM
I was asked to post some Hiebook info -about memory, books, language and all-things-French, by way of an eBay sale; what a great time to lay out some Hiebook minutia along the way!

First, much has been posted about replacement software. I hold the original software to build up both the Godspeed and the Hiebook package. [As well as all the apps, games, language/fonts and development-ware.] The Hardware is identical, the difference is the lowest 'sub-layer' of firmware. Hiebook is version 1.0 and Godspeed is a neutered/enhanced(?) version 1.1.
There are loaders for overwriting a Hiebook, to make it a Godspeed. Very safe, very predictable. The reverse holds true for the other way. It requires a few steps, suitable for most able bodied w/ keyboarding, ciphering and working through a 10-minute step-wise process.

The last reliable, mass-produced Hiebook software was, was produced in Korea. It has dictionary-in-reader ability. It's 'layer 1.0' cant do Ebible tools. They can be downloaded -they just won't function.
Godspeed's last US-written code was, w/o the dictionary ability. I believe it was then handed back for them in Korea to continue, as they handled the complete build (hardware and software) after that. I've seen versions through; all minor tweeks, some dead-ends, to-be-enabled functions ;-P

With a fiver on Paypal, I'll burn you a CD with everything there is.

Content: How do I replace or add Bibles and other 'content'?
(And, note, that this comes *after* the CD offer.)
That was a Web-$ite function, by way of download and in that form, is lost to the aether.
Abandonware, in the form of copies of most all the originally available content exists. These can be copied from unit-to-card -if one has several units to do nothing but house "content". Enter my Hiebooks: Hewie, Dewie and Louie. A 64MB card will then hold the ~35MB of content:
Bibles: CEV, Spanish, HCSB, Message, NASB, NIV, NKJ, KJ, New Living.
Commentary: BarnesNT, Geneva Footnotes, John Wesley, Treasury of Script, Easton, KSVD and Naves.
Lexicons: Strong's Greek and Hebrew
KJV Translator Footnotes, Mathew Henry Concise
Webster's 1913 Dictionary
Thompson's Chain
Sample (complete) books: Praying God's Word, Experiencing God.
Conceivably, a card could be sent to me, populated and returned. Throw a couple bucks or 'coffee card' in the same padded mailer you send the card in, for return postage. Want a CD *and* card-populated? Be creative. ;-)

Memory: What now, with SmartMedia a thin dinosaur and expen$ive.
Hiebook uses 3V cards, won't power *old* 5V camera cards.
Enter xD. It's the same chip and wiring, just a different package. One can augment the memory stores if you're willing to hit eBay, first. "xd smartmedia converter 128*" (without quotes) as a search will get you a unit populated w/ 64MB...128MB, all for about 15-25 bucks. Sticks out, yeah. Much like a WiFi dongle. Catch: you must pop off the 'dog house' plastic to slide *all* the way in. A leather punch and knife can be used to fix the case-slotting.
Question: What about the 512MB xD cards? Nope: The max you'll read is 128MB -no harm, just an addressing limit; save your money.

Books and converters: kml -what?
KML is a marketing and DRM method. Any book converted to HTML will be essentially the same as .kml. The merchandising is fading fast but it never was a needed standard -but for privatizing sales and book marketing.

Engliche, Russian, Korean -these are the character sets that can be supported. Note: Korean will include some chinese chars, somethings are just easier to say in chinese. The Russian's, God love 'em, developed a setup to add the (crylic?) set. I have it -but I'm ignorant of how it works exactly.

All things French....or, Spanish for that matter. Most all Romanic languages can be sent to Hiebook. Converting them to HTML is easiest. Some, if left in original .txt format will hang (on characters) at the 50% point. Convert to HTML...that's easiest. As long as it's in .txt, .htm/.html or .kml (yeah, whatever) -sending it to Hiebook is just a <right click> away.

Howabout Vista? I tried it, couldn't get the unit to be recognized -though the software loads ok. Unimpressed by Vista...
Works: XP, 2k, ME, 98se, 98.

Stock batteries ranged from the Hiebook, w/ 1400mAh at 3.6V, to Godspeeds, 1800mAh at 3.7V. These are 'extended life' cellular phone batteries. Only difference is the little circuit card, atop the battery. Must keep the original and overall (less than) 10mm(D) x 34mm(W) x 50mm(L) So, get soldering!

Screen/ Function issues:
Broken glass: Want another? Look at some $$ for me to replace it, but I can help there (for a while).
Not working/ intermittent: inside a connector commonly gets worked loose. It's the one on the long edge, if you pop it apart. It's 3-screws and some thumbnails...not a problem to get apart at all.
Won't power on/ flickers on & off when plugged in:
The DC socket is cheap. a little solder on its back, resecuring the pin will usually fix this. Again, remove three screws, thumbnails...etc.
How to keep the screen from breaking?
Two words: Hot Glue.

USB and charging.
A *small* jumper can be placed internally to allow this; the USB socket is gold-plated, works great!

Everything else:
Don't play with the backlight while loading a book -screws up the transfer. Annoying, not a felony...more like a parking ticket. Leave it off during tranfer.

Have books on CD? -Put them on the hard drive to prevent transfer errors. -Especially if those books are on a DVD disc. [Read, slow access time, lag...]

Have books on the unit (and want to put them on PC)? Sorry, one way street.
Music: same story. Only address, schedules and text-file, text-memos and voice-momo can be "sync"d -or exported.

MP3 formats: Fixed, variable and MP3-pro, 8~240ish. (the pro codec works ok, but not as is intended).

The hiebook, once modified with hot glue (screen) soldered (DC socket), jumpered-DC (for USB charge) can be a very long lived tool.



12-15-2007, 12:41 PM
Thanks Honico

I almost bought a Hiebook when looking for an eBook reader. I ended up with a eb1150. One reason I didn't go with it would be solved with your CD. If you get a change please check the wiki for the Hiebook entry and see if I did it justice. One thing I really liked about it was the Godspeed version.

This forum is probably not the best place to post Hiebook stuff. It would be better in the future to use the legacy device area as people will likely check there.


12-16-2007, 03:08 PM
Hiya Dale

I posted here, as it was under Legacy Devices, and a Repair subject. This after weighing what the body of it would mean to the average reader and depth of knowledge required to implement anything gained...came up with that it would have to be fellow nerds with bandwidth.

Thanks for the correction ;-) -Forums are not really a strong suit for me (yet).


12-16-2007, 03:17 PM
Thanks Honico

I almost bought a Hiebook when looking for an eBook reader. I ended up with a eb1150. One reason I didn't go with it would be solved with your CD. If you get a change please check the wiki for the Hiebook entry and see if I did it justice. One thing I really liked about it was the Godspeed version.

This forum is probably not the best place to post Hiebook stuff. It would be better in the future to use the legacy device area as people will likely check there.


Hiya Dale,

Started a Wiki Discussion about your entry -Which, on the whole is fine; captures intended market and generally it's functions. Within the discussion, noted some attributes which may not matter (as it's OOP) but are important to the many folks I've sent them to overseas...

Cheers! -honico

04-23-2008, 03:10 AM
:help: to the forum and new to my Hi210. I picked this up at a flea market, dirt cheap. It did not have any cables with it. I found an AC adapter that would work, but the DC jack is toast. Resoldered it to the board and managed to get a flicker of life if I hold the plug to one side. As soon as I plug in the battery it beeps and dies. Bad battery I would assume?

Considering the state of the DC jack, I was looking for info on the jumper trick for charging via the USB plug. Is that info still available? Has anyone come up with any repair guides for this thing?

Thanks for any help,

05-05-2008, 02:49 AM
I would love to see a guide on doing the hot glue fix for the monitor and also the USB charging jumper fix. I love to repair my own ebook devices! I did some repair on my ebookwise 1150 and it worked out great. I have a non-functioning Hiebook I would like to fix as well. :)

05-13-2008, 08:08 PM

I would like to know where you can find a new screen and the software to make a hiebook writing in english, it is now in korean I believe.