View Full Version : LAT: Junkware comes Standard on Verizon & T-Mobile Smartphones

07-15-2010, 10:34 PM

Remember the golden days of personal computing when you'd bring home that expensive wonder box, remove the machine from its Styrofoam swaddling, plug it in, switch it on and -- hey! What's this?

AOL? Quicken SE? A 3-D chess game with a license that expires after a few plays?

Well, customers who bought Motorola's new Droid X smart phone or Samsung's Vibrant, both of which launched Thursday, may feel a tinge of deja vu.

The Droid X comes loaded with several nonstandard applications for Google's Android, most of which cannot be removed.

I thought manufacturers learned their lesson about junkware.

(I thought it odd though that the URL is "android-junkware", but the story does note later on that the WinMo HTC phone also has it ;p )