View Full Version : Kindle for Android and the eDGe

06-29-2010, 05:50 AM
I just gave the program a whirl (I have another device with market access). Well, it works in full screen and it's reasonably stable. When starting, you have to enter your existing amazon account, or make a new one. You then can go the Amazon's website via the browser to find and download books. ...

No eInk (no surprise really) but you can change text size, background color, and screen brightness. Interface is pretty simple: Tap right side of screen to turn page, left side to turn back, center to show status. One major problem I did encounter is some issues with spacing between words and lines. Some spaces between words seem to be missing, while in a measurement book, text and graphics went all over the place. I'm not totally sure if it's just the free books and not the app though.

Just a link to this thread ( over at the eDGe-Forum at