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06-19-2010, 02:35 PM

June 17th, 2010
What’s in the Coyote 1.0 Update

NOTE: This release includes an improved keyboard. If you have downloaded and installed a 3rd party keyboard it will be overwritten. The 3rd party keyboard can be re-installed after the update is applied.
New Features

Improved Keyboard
The layout of keyboard has been improved. The keyboard offers easier viewing, including more visible keypress contrast.

Copy Speed
File copy speed has been greatly improved.
Resolved Issues

Vertical (landscape) paper style journals do not open.
Video playback of files that are not a 4-byte multiple exhibit jitter.
VPN would sometimes fail to connect in high latency connections.
Moving a directory does not remove old (empty) directory.
Not performing reboot after marking a device as transferable results in transfer failure (Adobe error of invalid signature).