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11-14-2006, 10:47 AM
Hey folks,

I am speaking with an author in another forum who is publishing a book about the Sinclair Spectrum computer. I asked him if he intended to publish an eBook. He said that he's interested but thinks, in his words, that he'd "only sell one" and that he'd like to know about protected formats.

So, what kind of formats can I suggest to him so he'll publish his book in e-format?


12-16-2006, 08:10 PM
The issue of eBook protection and piracy is a huge one. Digital Rights Management software creates a LOT of problems--like what happens when your computer crashes and all of a sudden you seem like a different person and can't get access to your library. It is true that some people steal eBooks. It's also true that most people want to be honest and, if given a chance to buy at a fair price or steal, will choose to buy.

Obviously the definition of 'fair' varies from person to person, which causes some of the problems.

If your friend really wants to protect, he might try Mobipocket. They've started offering their publisher software free and it includes an encrypted mode. (Of course, it's not that hard to steal passwords, either, is it).

As a publisher, I've found that making it easy for people to read my books, and making my books affordable, is more important than making sure that none get stolen.

Rob Preece
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