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05-28-2010, 02:52 PM
Mobilereaders, I'm new to this and I'd appreciate your advice.

I'm and looking for (what should be) basic e-reader functionality that, so far as I can tell, doesn't exist on any e-ink reader yet. I would like to be able to:

1. Get pdfs onto an e-ink reader (preferably through a wifi connection to my laptop and/or the internet, but I could live with using a usb connection to my laptop).
2. Use the reader to view and annotate the pdfs--at least, highlight and make text notes.
3. Sync the annotated pdfs back to my laptop (or the internet) and view the pdfs with their annotations on my laptop.

4. View ebooks in epub and azw/mobi. (Other supported formats a bonus.)

Does anyone know of any existing or upcoming reader/software combination that would allow me to do all of this? I understand that some Sony readers can do (1) and (2), but not (3) or (4). I'm hoping I can achieve it through some software workaround. Or maybe there is some upcoming ereader that will allow me to do all of this?

Please let me know your thoughts.

As a sidenote, whoever puts out an e-ink reader with this functionality will have millions of professionals and academics throwing money at them.

06-09-2010, 06:19 PM
from the WWDC 2010 anouncements, even though i hate to recommend it, the iPad can now do annotations on pdf( i think :-) ) . You may also look at the ASUS eee tablet which was announced at Computex 2010 last week, it's probably the best e-reader with ability to take notes etc.

my two pence.

some links:
Asus EEE Tablet :
Also checkout

07-23-2010, 10:38 AM
maybe i'm a bit late, but better then never..

you should try to get an IREX DR800SG or an Entourage eDGe.

both can do annotations etc etc... one is an ereader and the other is an ereader with an LCD screen. i've got both, so i've got experience with them. unfortunately, IREX is under chapter 11, but the reader is still fantastic.

06-08-2011, 01:03 PM
I know that this thread is over a year old, but I'm still looking for these same features myself--remember, with e-ink (so ipad is not an option).

Has anyone tried the new Kobo Touch? It looks pretty affordable, but I don't know if the features are really functional. I understand that the new Nook Touch is e-ink and allows annotation, but only for books purchased through the nook store. I am looking to annotate my own work PDFs in e-ink.

Too bad the irex went under. It looked really interesting. Anyone else have any ideas or insight?

07-26-2011, 10:58 AM
The sony prs-650 and prs-950 seem to be good options too. They have epub support, pdf highlighting/annotating ability with an e-ink pearl screen.

However i'm not sure if the annotated books can be synced back to the pc.

08-08-2011, 07:52 AM
From what I know, if you want to start writing annotations, etc., it's better to stick to a non-e-ink device. Even the Sony's save the annotations outside the PDF and not in it. Probably better look at the iPad or an Android tablet instead.