View Full Version : Major Update: Coyote-.08

05-24-2010, 11:07 PM
The official enTourage forums are all abuzz about this new update but it's quiet here, so I figured I should at least post the Release Notes.

New Features in Release Coyote-.08

Video camera application records 640 x 480 pixel resolution video
Still camera application lets you capture up to 3 megapixel images
Mobile YouTube application
FlashLite 3.1 animation support
WiFi WEP shared key support
WiFi WPA/WPA2 Enterprise support
BlueTooth Stereo headset support
Power management to extend battery life – unit suspends when closed and resumes in 2 seconds when opened
Journal AutoSave is now defaulted to ON, and will auto save every 10 minutes
LCD screen timeout is now defaulted to ON with a timeout of 2 minutes
Book loaning now allows early returns
Support for viewing web pages on e-reader as epub or PDF file
Keyboard predictive text dictionary
Proxy server support
MineSweeper game application
FileManager application

Page 2 of the enTourage eDGe User Guide includes links to descriptions for the new features.


LCD touch response
Faster scrolling of library
Page name displayed for PDF files (the book page number is shown in quotes along with page of PDF)

Resolved Issues

Phantom touches on LCD
Preferences deleted sometimes after power loss
AVI file playback audio lag when playing from gallery
Cannot erase reader highlight for epub book
Restore function crashes when downloading files from archive
3GP video issue in landscape mode
Journal pages slow to display using tab navigation
Exporting Annotator to PDF sometimes fails
Reader crashes when saving highlights/annotations into book with long Chinese titles
Ethernet to USB adapter connection failures after boot
Tag not applied during Library add operation
Some magazines and newspapers will not open from Library
Microsoft Arc wireless USB keyboard not working