View Full Version : Need help finding this book

04-20-2010, 09:09 PM
When I was little I remember my teacher reading us a fictional story. I dont remember the author or the title, it was a long time ago. All I can remember was the very beginning of the book. I remember it was a fictional story that took place in a war setting. There was this girl and her family: her mom, dad, brother and baby brother and they were trying to survive in there dilapidated town. The war had already come through there town and she was hiding with her family. As days go by the family begins to fear that they may never have help come to them and rescue them, so one by one each family member decides to dissapear over this big hill to go try and find help until this girl is eventually left by herself in her broken down town. She is hiding near an abandoned grocery store and she sees food and other necessities she might need and decides to take a chance and get what she needs. Meanwhile each day she waits for her family to come back with some kind of help......This is all I remember from the book. This description was from the very beginning of the book and throughout the book it is her character that is narrating. If someone could give me some suggestions as to what this book might be? I really wish I could find it.

I know its a very vague description and I'd appreciate any feedback thanx =D