View Full Version : My Email to Orbit Books about Ebooks price higher than Paperbacks

04-09-2010, 10:15 AM

I must say that I am a fan of the works published by your group. The 1$ ebook was a stroke of genius and has certainly spurred me to read the other books in the series you publish. I have one complaint, however. Having finished reading the Electric Church by Jeff Somers, I wanted to purchase its sequel, the Digital Plague. I was shocked to fine that it would be cheaper for me to by the mass market paper back at full price with no discounts than it would be to buy the ebook edition. There is no need to price the ebook version of a work at $8.99 when you are selling the mass market paperback at $7.99. While I understand that there is a certain premium in getting the work immediately, before the MMP is issued, once the latter occurs, the ebook price needs to come down. I am not the only one who will not purchase an ebook that priced higher than the retail price of the lowest cost paper book. Is there any reason your group is alienating its customer base by not setting the ebook price against the cheapest retail paper back price? How is an ebook version, encumbered by DRM that prevents me from lending or reselling it, offering an extra dollar in value over the MMP? I eagerly await your response."

Does anyone think I'll get a reply? I know I'll most likely check out the digital plague from the library (I might buy it if I get a good coupon from borders or B and N).