View Full Version : Screen died on me.

Curry Udon
10-08-2006, 09:05 PM
Unfortunately, I turned on my reader today and the screen appears to be dead.

More specifically, in high light situations I can barely make out the text, but in normal lighting it almost appears as if the unit is off. The reader itself appears ok, I can turn off and on the unit, it shows up in Connect, I can transfer files etc. I just cant see anything :P

I tried resetting the unit via the reset button, recharging the battery, etc. All no go.

I cant come up with any kindof ideas on why this happened outside of amanufacturing defect. The reader has seen very little use since the time I have had it, it was never dropped or banged around. Heck it never even left the house. I might have neglected to turn if off last night, but from the little I know of E-Ink technology that should not have affected the unit.

My poor little reader only lasted 6 days :(

Worse off, Sony no longer has any in stock so I have to wait till the next shipment (whenever that is).

Oh well, early adopter for the win!

10-09-2006, 12:26 AM
(sigh) I suppose it had to happen eventually, but I'm sorry it has happened to ou, Curry. :sad:

I expect that Sony will want to take care of this quickly for you, and I'm pretty sure they do monitor MobileRead, so posting here may help your turnaround on a resolution.

One bright spot: with as many good, solid units as they've already fielded, you shouldn't have to worry about a replacement Reader having problems (or a replacement of that replacement, or ....). :smile: