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04-04-2010, 12:26 PM
I received an email from Fictionwise on Wednesday and dated March 30th which, after listing the 100% Rebate titles for the week, included a section:

REBATES FOR (my name)
Here are your personal rebates. A rebate is a percentage of the sale price that is deposited into your Micropay account for use in purchasing other products at Fictionwise.
20% rebate on Analog Science Fiction and Fact: One Year Subscription by Dell Magazine Authors
20% rebate on Analog Science Fiction and Fact: Two Year Subscription by Dell Magazine Authors
For a list of all your rebates, coupons and discounts, click here.

Today, April 4, I tried to buy the subscription but found that the rebate no longer applied. I also tried using the newest coupon code, spring2010, but that didn't change the price - probably it only applies to books and not to subscriptions.

Does anyone know how long the offers usually apply if there isn't an "until" date mentioned? Is it only until the next email? (I have a newer email dated April 2 with the Fictionwise Weekend Specials that doesn't mention personal rebates anywhere.)

Is it worth contacting Fictionwise to ask when the offer expired, or just wait for the next offer? Since this is a multiformat magazine subscription, it shouldn't be affected by the new agency pricing changes.

04-04-2010, 01:13 PM
Interesting - the wording's a bit different in mine - I have personal discounts, not rebates. (Because I'm a Buywise member?)

Here are your personal discounts, chosen just for you! These
discounts will be automatically applied to any applicable items when
you place them in your shopping cart. But don't wait, these discounts
expire in just a few days.

There's a link at the end to see all of my coupons and discounts; when I go to the link, it lists different ones, expiring on the 10th. So it looks like those personal discounts/rebates go Sunday - Saturday.

04-04-2010, 01:30 PM
If you go to your bookshelf, then click on the "Member and Site Discounts" link on the left, you will get a pop-up, where the top links are the currently active Personal Discounts/Rebates.


04-04-2010, 02:59 PM
OK, what I've learned from this is that as soon as I receive an email from Fictionwise I need to go to the link to see how long any of the offers are good for rather than assuming it will last through the weekend.

Marcy - it looks like that pop-up window is the same as where the "click here" link goes, but it's helpful to know how to get there without the email, thanks!

Andrew - my email from 03/30/10 had a section for rebates (which I quoted above) and a separate section for personal discounts with the wording that you have. So it doesn't seem to relate to the club. None of the titles listed from that e-mail are listed on the link but there are five different titles listed there under "Your Discounts" (and nothing listed under "Rebates").

I'm getting two emails each week: Tuesday or Wednesday from " Delivers eBooks" and Friday from " Big Bargains" so possibly the offers from Tuesday expired on Friday. It would be nice if the email gave expiration dates though.