View Full Version : Lighting up the enTourage eDGe...

03-16-2010, 10:09 PM
I noticed the folks at enTourage added a book light to their accessory lineup today...its been the ONE gripe about the device my fiance has had, since she's coming from a Sony device (built-in eInk display).

So, the last couple weeks we've shopped around and tried a few different see which provided the best lighting with the least amount of obtrusiveness. (I apologize, didn't think to take pics with all of them...)

First of all, the book light "world" is absolutely insane - so many different options out there...

Picked up this little guy (Lightwedge Mr. Brightside ( b/c I liked its compact nature - but my concerns regarding the light output were validated...the single LED just isn't enough.

Next, we tried this thing (Ritelight ( Right now, its the "keeper" of the group, but I just don't feel like it's "perfect" - the light output is good...the flexibility allows the whole screen to be lit, however it's definitely putting out enough light that could be distracting to anyone else who might be around if you're reading in bed...the option to use USB or battery power is a definitely plus, if you read REAL books as well.

Then there's this last light ( which is your basic run-of-the-mill dual LED USB flexlight....Again, the lighting is limited, and the circular lighting "head" doesn't really allow the light to spread out correctly for a book.

So, at this point...I'm thinking a 4-LED horizontal "bar"-type unit will work best...I'm really toying with the idea of trying out the Kandle, but I'd rather not spend $25 on an accessory like this - I just don't read at night enough.

Thinking about something like this ( or this ( - just not sure if I should go with the original or smaller paperback version...OR if I want something that doesn't actually attach to the eDGe...

Anyone else have any luck with lighting up their eDGe in low-light situations?