View Full Version : "A-Frame" Positioning Helps With eDGe Weight Issues

Batman Jr.
03-16-2010, 06:44 PM
I stumbled across something last night that helped ease the discomfort of holding the eDGe caused by its weight. I was sitting on the couch, working on the LCD side with the device lying flat on a coffee table and kind of hunching over it to type and navigate. In order to take some of the glare from the light off the screen, I folded it into about a 45-degree angle (inverted "V") and set it on the table to continue working. Then I reclined back on the couch to do some web browsing, and without thinking about it, picked the eDGe up and set it down with the e-Ink side resting on my legs and the LCD side resting around my belt line (my belly seemed to provide ample support as well ;) ). I was surprised at how comfortable of an arrangement this was, and I was able to use the stylus and finger-touch to navigate and type quite easily. So while holding the eDGe at arm's length as one would a magazine or newspaper is pretty stressful on my forearms and biceps, the "A-Frame" arrangement alleviates that very well. It doesn't work for the e-Ink side, since that side only displays in portrait, which is another reason why adding the ability to have that display in landscape orientation is number one on my list of hoped-for changes in eDGe Version 2, just ahead of handwriting recognition.

03-16-2010, 10:31 PM
agreed - I've had this thing in all kinds of different angles and configurations...the "A-frame" has definitely proved its worth/value. I'm also getting used to using it more like a netbook (eInk as the base, facing up; LCD screen almost perpendicular)...its a weird mental thing that drives me to NOT want to use the device in these configurations - b/c of its book-like properties? - but I'm working on it...