View Full Version : Entourage eDGe - comparison to other devices

03-10-2010, 07:24 PM
Based on available information, I've put together an unofficial comparison between the Entourage eDGe and other devices with a similar size, purpose, and price range.

Here is the link to the comparison:

I have compared the eDGe to 3 devices already on the market or due out shortly:

1. an e-reader (Kindle DX)
2. a slate tablet (iPad), and
3. a convertible tablet PC (Acer Aspire 1820PT).

I compared each device across 3 types of uses:

1. ebook reading
2. multimedia/internet/games
3. portable office/classroom

My conclusions are not too different from the general consensus. The Edge does well in all categories, especially excelling in the portable office/classroom one. However, in each category there is at least one device that is equal/better on average. Of course each person may weigh the pros/cons differently, so it is clear that in some specific scenarios the eDGe would work better than any other device out there.

I welcome any comments!