View Full Version : PHP based tools for hand-made epubs

03-06-2010, 12:08 AM
I'm very much a multi-platform user, and as such, I use dreamweaver for most of my epub editing. but as it is, there's alot of overhead in content creation, even with a tool liek dreamweaver. for each chapter you need an xhtml template with the proper title value, chapter number/title information at the top of the page, etc. not to mention toc.ncx entries and spine/manifest entries.

As such, I wrote a quick PHP script that serves my needs. it's very much NOT a tool to produce a complete epub file. it just handles creating the 50+ xhtml fiels, and producing the spine and manifest lines for those files as well as toc.ncx with compliant UUIDs, then zips it all up so you can download them from your dev webserver.

To be clear, you still have to paste or create content for every chapter, and it's not designed to work on prolog, epilogue, and whatnot. it just creates the skeleton of a book to save some time.

What I'm wondering is would anyone be interrested in having a finished version of this simple tool?